The 6 Reasons to Outsource Your Finance Team With Hannage Business Accountants

Running a digital technology SME business can be challenging and rewarding - but you already know this! But what you might not know is that it's really quite simple to outsource your finance team with us. We love working with digital technology businesses! Here's our 6 reasons why... 1) Pay for what you use - [...]

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Why move to Cloud Based Accounting Software?

Once upon a time SME business accounting software came on a disc or a CD, in a box with a big instruction book containing a licence key. The buyer had to pay up front to obtain all this, and then pay an annual fee for maintenance and support. It had to be installed on a [...]

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Christmas Message

It has been a very busy 12 months! I started Hannage Business Accountants in late 2015 and launched the business in earnest in January 2016. During 2016 I’ve met loads of amazing people, I’ve seen some fantastic new systems, I’ve read plenty of great publications and most importantly - I’ve solved problems for my clients. [...]

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6 SME Funding Blockers

From time to time most SME businesses will need funding and will approach a lender to meet this need. Unfortunately post credit crunch lenders will scrutinise funding applications and in our experience the following six are the main reasons a lender will block a funding application. If you’ve experienced any of these then contact us [...]

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6 Straightforward Reasons for Hiring a Part-time Portfolio Finance Director to Support Your SME Business

1) It’s cost effective  The average SME Finance Director gross salary is £80k+ p.a. In addition to this there will be a recruitment fee of at least 20% - £16k. A Part-time Portfolio Finance Director is paid a fixed amount by the day with no other financial commitments. This delivers substantial savings and gives a [...]

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